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Informative resources



Welcome to the Xenolith library. Here you will find an array resources we are using to become better informed. You are invited to add suggestions/ open discussion in the comments below. 




  • The new urgency of climate change (Al Gore, TED Talks)

  • New ways to understand life in a pandemic (Aaron Maniam, TED Talks)

  • The transformative role of art during the pandemic (Anne Pasternak TED Talks)


  • Drive from the Business of Fashion 

  • Rebuilding Lebanon's Fashion Industry from the Business of Fashion 

  • Tackling Systemic Racism in the Fashion Industry

  • Jonathan Anderson says 'If It Feels Fake, I Don't Want It'

  • Imran Amed on Finding Opportunity in a Crisis 

  • WARDROBE CRISIS by Clare Press

  • Charles Jeffrey on What it's Like to Be a Rising Designer in the Midst of a Pandemic 

  • Li Edeljoort Says the Coronavirus Is a Representation of our Conscience 

  • Retail Futurist Doug Stephens on How Coronavirus Will Shift Consumer Behaviour 

  • 99% Invisible 

  • Design Better Podcast

  • 1619 (New York Times)

  • NASA'S Steve Rader: Redefining the moonshoot with diverse teams 

  • Amazon's Joanna Pena-Bickley: Bringing more diversity into leadership

  • Airbnb's Benjamin Evans on the power of inclusive design

  • Google's Abigail Hart Gray: Communicating the value of design

  • Jina Anne, Founder of Clarity Conference, on Crafting a Community for Design Systems 

  • The Honest Designers Show 

  • How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Your Peers

  • Is Social Media Really Necessary?

  • How to build a Good Reputation as a Designer

  • Designing for the Love of It

  • How to Create Better Work

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