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Here is my winning entry to the British Fashion Council X Givenchy design competition from April 2019. After presenting my design research to a panel of industry professionals including Clare Waight Keller and Sarah Mower, I was awarded a 6 month internship in the Givenchy 3D studio. I worked across the WRTW SS20 and AW20 collections as well as the Haute Couture SS20 collection.

To see my process book click here.

Scan 150.jpeg
Scan 135.jpeg
Scan 111.jpeg
Scan 101.jpeg
Scan 92.jpeg
Scan 95.jpeg
Scan 79.jpeg
Scan 70.jpeg
Scan 71.jpeg
Scan 64.jpeg
Scan 57.jpeg
Scan 76.jpeg
Scan 61.jpeg
Scan 58.jpeg
Scan 56.jpeg
Scan 59.jpeg
Scan 51.jpeg
Scan 60.jpeg
Scan 62.jpeg
Scan 63.jpeg
Scan 67.jpeg
Scan 65.jpeg
Scan 66.jpeg
Scan 69.jpeg
Scan 70.jpeg
Scan 75.jpeg
Scan 74.jpeg
Scan 80.jpeg
Scan 81.jpeg
Scan 82.jpeg
Scan 83.jpeg
Scan 87.jpeg
Scan 84.jpeg
Scan 84.jpeg
Scan 85.jpeg
Scan 85.jpeg
Scan 86.jpeg
Scan 88.jpeg
Scan 89.jpeg
Scan 90.jpeg
Scan 93.jpeg
Scan 96.jpeg
Scan 97.jpeg
Scan 99.jpeg
Scan 100.jpeg
Scan 103.jpeg
Scan 103.jpeg
Scan 104.jpeg
Scan 106.jpeg
Scan 105.jpeg
Scan 107.jpeg
Scan 108.jpeg
Scan 109.jpeg
Scan 110.jpeg
Scan 110.jpeg
Scan 113.jpeg
Scan 112.jpeg
Scan 115.jpeg
Scan 114.jpeg
Scan 116.jpeg
Scan 117.jpeg
Scan 119.jpeg
Scan 118.jpeg
Scan 120.jpeg
Scan 123.jpeg
Scan 122.jpeg
Scan 121.jpeg
Scan 125.jpeg
Scan 124.jpeg
Scan 126.jpeg
Scan 152.jpeg
Scan 149.jpeg
Scan 151.jpeg
Scan 153.jpeg
Scan 129.jpeg
Scan 140.jpeg
Scan 134.jpeg
Scan 136.jpeg
Scan 127.jpeg
Scan 138.jpeg
Scan 131.jpeg
Scan 144.jpeg
Scan 130.jpeg
Scan 128.jpeg
Scan 133.jpeg
Scan 142.jpeg
Scan 143.jpeg
Scan 146.jpeg
Scan 145.jpeg
Scan 141.jpeg
Scan 137.jpeg
Scan 132.jpeg
Scan 139.jpeg
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